10 Jobs That Look Poor But Are Lucrative


I do not advise you to leave your respective Job’s to start any of this business. If you have capital for this, you can go ahead…. if you don’t, hustle more to get capital.

1) Barbing: barbing is one of the most lucrative job out there in the streets. Lol I remember in primary School when we make jokes that “you will be a barber in the future” 

 …. if I had known then I’ll claim that prayers 

As a barber, you can earn nothing less 5-10k per day if you know what you are doing

I have a profession barber friend who is now in U.K he cuts footballers, actors, musicians hair and my guy is seriously making lots of money.

2) Fitness Trainer: Lot of people now are days wants to lose weight in other to live healthy. As a fitness trainer, you could organize a weekend session at N1000 per person. 
If you can gather at least 20 people, that is 20k just in one day.

You can also become people’s personal trainer at your own price. Start a blog about fitness and all too… that’s an extra income.

3) Cab services: this is The easiest and the fastest way to make money. Everybody moves from one place to another making transportation really important. 

In a day, cab (included likes of keke, okada) can make up 4000-10,000 per day depending on how long they work.

4) Photography: back in those days during my primary School party, I always thought photographers were poor…. but trust me that’s the biggest lie of the century. As a professional photographer, you can make at least 30k per shoot. I know of a photographer that shot one of the commissioners in Lagos state….. he was paid 150k (just for portraits and framing)

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Even Buhari Personal
photographer built a house just from photography.

Although, it’s connection business but still try meeting people because you won’t know who knows who. Also be nice to them so that they can recommend you.

5) Car wash business: As for this, you basically just need soap and water to kick start. Although it’s quite hard to start because you need land to wash. If you have a friend, relative that has a land and wants monitoring…. you could just cajole him that you will monitor for him.

Car washing business Can pay 5-10k on a good day though.

6) lesson teacher: No parent wants a child with a burnt brain 

. You can meet with kids parents and tell them abou the lesson. You can gathered at least 10-20people for the lesson and maybe charge 3-5k in a month per head probably just for 2-3hrs.

You can also take GCElessons, waec lessons, JAMB lesson etc

7) Poultry business: trust me poultry is lucrative though. With the right feeds for your animals you can make a huge profit of the investment you put on them.

I remember in jss3 when we had agric practicals, we had about 10chicken(layers) and in a week we could pick like 10-15 eggs.

8 ) Buka: Buka!!! My first time of eating bukka was when I went to live with my uncle in Warri for my Industrial Trainee when my uncle’s wife travelled…. I remember vividly it was bread and beans 

I noticed the womans shop was always crowded with at least 10 people. She cooks from morning to evening. 

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Let’s say you buy 
100 bread 200beans 100meat 100 coke =500 per head.

9) Laundry business
: With just soap and water(like the car washing business) you could earn cool cash . But this one, the labor is movable. You could meet people and tell them you wash and iron cloths ….. gather potential costumers and begin

Let’s say you have 10-20 people you dry clean for
200 per cloth. Nobody will want to just dry clean 1 cloth … they will give you in bulk…. you can make cool cash though (but you go wash tire ehn ehn ) at least washing machine dey.

10) Trader: my Igbo brother and sister are the king of this hussle. They wake as early as 4am go to their place of work do their thing. In a day, depending on what you sell, you can make 25-50k sales …. truss me.

I have a friend who trades in Balogun and with the trading profit, he sent his younger brother to turkey to School