2023: Why Electronic-Voting The Way For Nigeria Democracy

Mahmood Yakubu
Mahmood Yakubu

The best era of Electronic-Voting would be the time when we can vote remotely with our phones without physically having to go to the Polling-units..

And that is: starting with the scanning of the bar-codes on our Voter’s Card with our phones, then do fingerprint identification and authentication with our phones, and then vote with our phones, and finally submit our votes online with our phones too..

Nevertheless, this wouldn’t stop the manual voting methods at the Polling-units for the sake of those who might not have access to the use of high-end phones, but then, Accreditation and transmission of the results from these Polling-units must both be done electronically by the trained Election Officials.

With these methods properly put in place, the Nigerian Elections can have turnouts as high as 98%, because this would avail a lot of citizens the opportunity to vote from home.

(My Opinion Though…)
(So, what is your own opinion on this??)


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