Baptist Churches Join Fight Against Diabetes, Celebrates Health Sunday

The scene inside the bright Church

Baptist Churches in Sapele joined other Baptist Churches nationwide to celebrate health week, starting with a lecture on Diabetes disease, causes, prevention and management, News Desk Paper Report.

Health week celebrated by the Baptist Church is a yearly event geared at blazing the trail of reaching out to humanity with health services as it has been their custom since the ministry came to Nigeria.

It is on record that the Baptist denomination has a number of standard hospitals scattered all over the nation that were established as they spread the Gospel to nooks and cranny in the nation, notable among them is Baptist Hospital Eku.

The lecture was delivered by Dr. N. J. Igbedia, a physician with Delta State Teaching Hospital, Oghara.

Igbedia noted that diabetes disease occurred when the bile duct that produced insulin was either not producing the hormone or the hormone was not effective in converting sugar in the body to glycogen.

He recommended precaution such as reduction in our intake of sugar and sugary foods, frequent exercise, and constant sugar test to detect disease early enough to aid quick arrest of the situation.

For those already with the disease, Igbedia recommended strict adherence to recommended medication by qualified medical personnel and constant sugar tests. The occasion continues on Tuesday with free medical service.

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