Before You Marry Anybody Ask Questions – Funke Felix Adejumo


Before you marry anybody, find out things
about them. Love at first sight, marriage is
more than love at first sight. They say love is
blind, marriage is an eye opener. Some
families have a history of insanity, they’d say
what is this woman saying, is she not
woman of faith? Yes, I am a woman of faith
not foolishness. There is a difference
between presumption, foolishness and faith.
I am not saying this because I want to dig up
your past, it is so that you can know what to
do and make an informed decision, you know
what prayers to pray and what spiritual
warfare to do. In some families, they hardly
can know what spiritual warfare to do.
stay in their marriages, find out so that you
Spiritual warfare is real, very real.

I know what is obtainable in my extended
family, I got born again when I was fourteen.
They are very poor in my family, so when I
got born again, I began to search the
Scriptures, so that’s why you can’t take seed
sowing from me, I know what it has done for
me, I do it out of experience…Once I am
pregnant, I start sowing seeds for my child
and say you can’t inherit the poverty. So you
don’t just say I love you and that’s it, you just
get into marriage.

Marriage is hard work, marriage sometimes
can be a battle because the devil is scared of
two destinies coming together as a single

Marry from your country’. your country
member can live anywhere in the world but
you know that this one belongs to the
Kingdom for the Spirit beareth witness that
we are sons of God. Marry from your kindred,
stop running and hiding it from your pastor
because the day you will cry in the palace,
they’d be nobody to help you.

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