Beware Of Toxic Mentorship


We all know how it all went, in modern times such as these the issue can even be worse than its described, but with the few tips presented one can wisely avoid becoming the new victim of a toxic mentor.

First what is the purpose of Mentorship? Mentorship is the art of training and inculcation of the next generation of a particular profession to be capable and reliable replacement of the previous.

What causes toxic mentorship to exist? The ABUSE OF PURPOSE.

When the purpose of mentorship is not well known and stuck to, abuse is what comes next.
It takes a wise protege to identify toxic mentors and avoid them.

Here are signs/red flags that indicate Mentor is unhealthy for your career journey;
1. He/She is very self centered; you’ll notice that you don’t appear anywhere
in the pictures,
2.He/She puts you down before others,
3. He/She undermines/plays down your potentials,
4. He/She will frustrate you while they use you to promote others whom they bias selected,
5. He/She recommends another career role for you lesser than the career you’re genuinely interested in,
6. He/She actively works against your progress and doesn’t hide it,
7. He/She has harsh/lengthy unfavourable clauses designed to keep you caged for multiple years,
8. He/She is envious of your gift or talents.

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