Building Your Home Independently


Let’s take a look at this topic today, majority of homes are recked today because they solemnly depended on their parents family. If you are a man and you have gotten a heart to marry, be a man with the balls to build your family, detach your self completely from your parents on your marital issues Your family is now your sole responsibility, both financially, spiritually, materials, economically and managerially.

You ought to be completely independent of them, learn to manage issues with your home, stop involving your mother in every little thing. I have seen so many cases where mother’s destroyed the homes of their beloved son out of jealousy, being a tomboy is very dangerous as a married man. Build your home with your wife. This is one of the reasons why I keep preaching you should marry your friend. If you do, both of you will definitely understand each other, both of you will learn to accommodate each other and not involving a third party in small issues. Remember the Bible said that as wife you will leave your parents completely to become another man’s mother therefore, play that motherly role.

As a man, you will completely become her everything, so play your role and stop involving and inviting your family members in your matters. Some are good while some are bad, many will stop at nothing if not to destroy your marriage. Do this today and I bet you that God will bless your home immensely with every marital blessings.

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