Child Bearing and Family Planning


Majority of Africa Spouses are learned but ignorant, you are married. You claim to be learned but don’t want to learn some basic principles of family planning.

As a married man, you ought to learn the cycle of your wife, know when she is fertile and safe for sex.

The one that weaks my nerves is that majority of these slay queens don’t know their cycle but know all the sex styles in the world.
If you are a married woman, teach your husband your cycle, let him know when you are free and can ejaculate inside you and when not.

Majority of parents could have stopped at 2,3 or 4 children but couldn’t because of this particular issue of family planning.

Again, if you know you can’t be able to keep your knowledge of cycle correctly, meet your doctor, he/she will educate you on other family planning methods to curtail your child bearing.

Look at the world economy today, then you will embrace this topic and choice of family planning for you ought to produce the ones you can train.

Let’s help ourselves by helping the society today.

God bless you.

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