Choosen A Career For Your Child/Children


In this part of the world today, majority of parents mislead us by forcing us out of our will/passion to go for career choices of their will.

As a parent, your most precious gift you own your son or daughter is to lead him or her rightly especially on his destiny purposes.

Watch him or her from 3years of age, watch his/ her motivation on things he/ she sees joyous doing, motivate him/her to do great in those things.

Most of us today are not rightly lead, our purpose and talent are wasting. We only struggle to fit in ourselves because we are doing the wrong carreer choice, we are limited to our potentials because our parents wanted us to be doctors instead of musicians, they wanted us to be businessmen instead of doctors, they wanted us to be lawyers instead of being footballers that we were destined to be.

Majority of these talents can’t be harnesst again because the time to make it right has passed except those who still believe in themselves.

I wish our African parents will see what the whites have seen years back. Allow your son or daughter to make his or her choice of carreer and guide him or her rightly, support them with all you get. No Career is useless as they are viewed in this part of the world.

All you need to do is to be best of that particular career and the whole world will celebrate you.

Career choice determines the level you will attain in life, if you choose according to God’s purpose, you will attain the highest position but if you choose wrongly, you will struggle all the days of your life. So choose rightly.

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May God’s purpose be manifested in our Career choices in Jesus name amen.