Court Affirms Right Of States To Enforce Anti-Open Grazing Law

Southern Governors

This should be a lesson to Southern leaders and Governors and even followers who must begin holding leaders accountable.

If Governors keep sycophantically accepting the dictates of Northern leaders plus their illiterate and archaic herder groups like Miyetti Allah, instead of acting
to challenge the regressive status quo and protect their people, how will they know what is possible and what can actually be delivered to better the lives of their people and move their respective States forward to the glory of Nigeria?

The judge, in her conclusion below, is clearly chastising State Governors to go and act as they already have the power to do rather than be wasting the time of the court with frivolities.

Southern Governors should stop being cowards and political slaves to begin putting their people first not Buhari or what pleases the President and his regressive cabal consisting the likes of Malami, Pantami etal.

We don’t need excuses from Governors anymore. It is clear they are being cowardly and perhaps playing to the gallery because the direction of the Judge is one other legal experts available to Governors could have pointed out.

Governors should enforce the law as they have the legal right to do and damn the FG and executive arm of Governance. Nigeria is bigger than the FG with personnel, like Buhari and Malami, that will come and go.

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  1. thank you for the article, but next time try and tell us where the court sat and the date of the sitting, for the authenticity of your article,,for instance ” a high court sitting in Asaba on Tuesday affirmed that”