Covid-19: American Finds 100% Cure



The war for the search of a vaccine for Coronavirus between America and China now seems to be a win for America after it was reported that an Israeli has found a cure for the virus which has worked 100% in four patients.

America has gone the length and breadth of the world to find a cure and China on the other hand after being the first to be exposed to the virus felt it necessary to be the first to come up with a vaccine, since the first country to come up with a vaccine is recognized and has the economic power ahead of other nations based on the cost of the vaccine in the market.

It is a known fact that America has supported Israel against all odds in the past, it looks like the friendship between both countries will have a good reward again. America is a good market for the vaccine and this also means economic growth for Israel as well.

The vaccine is said to work in the body by improving the immune system of victims of the virus so as to help the response to old treatments based on symptoms shown. Hence, the virus can be quickly combatted before crumbling the immune system since it is said that coronavirus spreads faster than 85% of other epidemics like Ebola and SARS.

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