Covid-19: FG Palliative Distribution Fraudulent, Lacks Data – Osita Chidoka


The former Minister of Aviation, Osita Benjamin Chidoka has fault the federal government on the manner in which the palliative is been shared among Nigerians and the method the social distance is been enforced.

According to the Minister, Any Government that cannot register birth and death and issue a digitally searchable birth and death certificate cannot give palliatives to aid lockdown and can only use police brutality to enforce social distance and lockdown.

Mr Chidoka further said a government that cannot collect tax from 60% of it’s adults cannot enforce social distancing or stop community transmission. One measure of State Capacity is tax collection.When a state can’t collect taxes widely it is a WEAK state and have no incentive to deliver public goods.

Any government that cannot name streets, number houses and produce a GIS map of its cities, towns and villages cannot manage a pandemic, send palliatives, enforce social distance and lockdown.

Osita Benjamin Chidoka is a former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria. He served under President Goodluck Jonathan.He’s also a brother to Obinna Chidoka. 

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