Covid-19: Only Agent Of Lucifer Will Tell Buhari Not To Ease Lock Down – Pastor Giwa


The senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ, Pastor Adewale Giwa says anybody who is against the lifting of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Nigeria is an agent of Lucifer.

The cleric said the plan of those who created the pandemic was to ensure that people are being locked at home while they carry on with their nefarious activities.

Giwa said with precautionary measures already put in place, there was no need to continue to lock down the country.

He said,” It takes the spiritual person to understand what is going on in the world. Those who manufactured the disease want to see us being lockdown while they continue with their evil intentions.

“So many people don’t know that the more people sit at home the more they increase the figures of the victims.

“The United States has recorded 65,000 death while confirmed cases are more than 1 million, yet, people have gone back to work.

“The president of United States understands this, and that is why he lifted the lockdown so that people can go back to work.

“If US that takes good care of its citizens in terms of monetary aid could reopen its economy, what stops Nigerian president who has failed in all ramifications to cater for the needs of his people to allow them go back to work?

“With precautionary measures already put in place for us, anybody who is against the easing of lockdown is working for the Anti-Christ.

“Nigerians must identify these people pretending to be our friends. 

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“The fear of coronavirus has killed a lot of people more than the disease itself, I can tell you authoritatively.

“What is the essence of locking down millions of Nigeria when the number increases on the daily basis?

“They would discover 13 cases today, and before you wake up, the number would jump to 24. Do you know how many people who have committed suicide?

“Do you know how many people who are now begging before they eat? This unnecessary lockdown must stop, and let the country go back to life again.”