Covid19 Lock Down: Open letter to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.


Your excellency sir,

I am a concern citizen of Delta State who follows the politics of the state and the happenings.

Having followed your broadcast of extending the sit at home for 14 days I was constrained to write you this letter.

Your excellency, I believe you are understanding and as the father of the state you must consult your people before making such declaration.

You ask us to sit at home what measure have you put in place for us to stay at home, your northern fellow excellencies refuse to stay at home because their citizens need to go to farm but here in your own case you ask us to stay at home to eat what.

Who will take care of their responsibility.

How will they feed, how much will you pay Deltans to sit at home.

Do you know the implications of an idle mind is the devils workshop.

Your excellency I believe you are understanding.

Do the needful.

We suggest you lock down your borders and allow movement within the state so we can look for what to eat.

If we must stay at home peacefully without complaining we urge you to ensure every homes in Delta State get at least 50kg bag of rice, 25kg bag of beans and N100,000 as a palliative measure.

Thanks for your understanding.
Yours Faithfully,
News Desk Media Team.

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