Dangerous beauty trends amongst ladies


We live in a world where a woman’s skin and her body shape define her beauty and fate; a  world where you’re being judged by how you look, your skin colour and body curves. A world where beauty and body become a criteria for women to obtain a good job, a criteria to attract people get likes on social media and be respected.

Newsweek columnist, Jessica Bennett, once said: “ In this economy, looking good isn’t just vanity, it’s economic survival. Then it is not surprising and only natural that women try to obtain that criteria and fit into that world for economic survival.”

However, what’s shocking is what most women do to fit into that world and its injurious effects.

Women resort to different methods and ways to look good and fit perfectly into the ideal world of pretty women with charming body curves. Due to the pressure on women on the need to look good and the requirements of our contemporary society for a beautiful woman, many have subjected themselves to dangerous procedures, barbaric and expensive means just to obtain and maintain the so-called right body and face. Most women go through series of heart wrenching pains to achieve pretty looks and the most shocking is the adverse effects that come with it or follow after.

Face is one of those parts that the world believes makes a beautiful woman, and that’s why women go the extra length to make their face beautiful either by bleaching, make-up, piercing of the ears, eyes, nose and lips, and worse still undergoing surgery, among others.

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However, bleaching, surgery and make-up seem to be the most widely used. There are lots of materials seen to be used in reaching their desired dream, such as bleaching soap, bleaching cream. Most women use to tone their skin colour, especially those who believe being black isn’t beautiful. There are also different types of cosmetic surgery many women undergo to improve their facial appearances despite the risk and high cost, Such cosmetic surgery includes: botox (to conceal wrinkles), cheek lift, chin surgery, aleph atop pasty (eyelid surgery), face-lift, neck lift, otoplasty (ear surgery), and rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Also, the most widely used is make-up, which is predominant among female Nigerians, such as foundation for different skin tone, concealer, eye pencil, lipstick, face powder, eye liner, mascara, eye lashes, have been prioritised and socially uplifted.

Another criteria used is the woman’s body shape and parts, the curve which has been proclaimed as figure 8, the breasts, the butt, shaped midsection, straight legs and wide hips. It is a general belief, in Nigeria, that a woman with a fit body and curve attracts men more, and also has a higher chance of getting job opportunities. I guess that’s why most women subjected themselves to different painful exercises and means such as; using waist trainers, padded bra, cosmetic surgery, body enhancer cream, hip enhancer, stretch marks removal cream, butt enhancer, breast enhancer, flat tummy balm etc. Some women engage themselves in various cosmetic surgery in pursuit of admirable curve. Abdomen reduction/ tummy tuck, arm lift, liposuction, belt lipectomy, and inner thigh lift are all sorts of surgery recorded.

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Women also go through the pain of fixing nails, using hair extensions, drawing tattoos, wearing high-heeled shoes. Nevertheless, it is shocking that women still troop in to fit into all stated above despite the adverse effects.

Yes! Beauty is pain, but at what expense? Most of these things we do in the name of beauty come with unfavourable effects that are injurious to health. Cosmetic surgery including face and body cosmetic carry greater risk. These risks include: Infection at the site of incision; which may worsen scarring and required additional surgery, Fluid buildup under skin, skin breakdown, nerve damage, high probability of varieties of cancer; and even death in some situation. Besides, it comes with a high cost and complicated procedures such as:stable weight for six months to a year; not chewing tobacco; gums or lozenges for four to six weeks before and after surgery, and signing of consent form in case things go wrong, among others.

Bleaching creams are also known to contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury, tretinoin, serotonin etc. Tretinoin also known as trans retinoic acid is used mainly for skin discoloration. Using it makes the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet rays therefore the need to avoid sunlight.

Now, the question is: Is the beauty really worth all these pains? Do you really have to fit into the world idea of a pretty woman at the expense of your life? I mean even if you want to, there are safer ways to do it by using natural remedies, eating right and staying happy instead of resorting to methods that could cost you your life and health.

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And to women, I believe we’re strong enough to accept ourself for who we are. Be proud of who you are. You don’t have to give up your health, life and freedom in order to fit into the world’s idea of a good looking woman.

Yes! It’s nice to look good, but do it in a safe way. Facial beauty attracts people but not for long. Nobody cares about a pretty corpse. If you’re so worried about how your lover and the world will look at you, then what happens when the beauty fades.

Women deserve to be happy, Yes, We deserve that!!!