Delta State University Of Science And Technology Ozoro Accredited Courses


Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

The university is set to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering seven faculties: Agriculture, Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Environmental science, Information technology and Management technology

Delta State University of Science and Technology Courses

Faculty of Agriculture
B.Sc Animal Production
B.Sc Agricultural Economics
B. Sc Crop Science
B.Sc Soll Science

Faculty of Administration and Management
B.Sc Accounting
B. Sc Banking & Finance
B. Sc Business Administration
B.Sc Entrepreneurship
B. Sc Marketing
B. Sc Transport & Marine Management
B.Sc Office and Information Management
B. Sc Public Administration

Faculty of Science
B.Sc Biology
B.Sc Chemistry
B.Sc Physics
B.Sc Mathematics
B.Sc Statistics
B.Sc Food Science & Technology
B. Sc Geology
B.Sc Environmental Management & Technology
B. Sc Marine Science
B. Sc Petroleum Chemistry

Faculty of Computing
B. Sc Computer Science
B. Sc Information Systems & Technology
B. Sc Cyber Security
B. Sc Software Engineering
B. Sc Journalism & Media Studies
B. Sc Library & Information Science

Faculty of Environmental Science
B.Sc Architecture
B.Sc Quantity Surveying
B. Sc Building Technology
B.Sc Estate Management
B. Sc Surveying & Geo-informatics
B. Sc Urban & Regional Planning
B. Sc Environmental Management
B. A Fine Arts & Industrial Design

Faculty of Engineering
B. Eng Mechanical Engineering
B. Eng Civil & Water Resources Engineering
B. Eng Electrical Engineering
B. Eng Computer Engineering
B. Eng Agricultural Engineering
B. Eng Chemical Engineering
B. Eng Marine Engineering
B. Eng Petroleum & Gas Engineering
B. Eng Material & Metallurgical Engineering

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