Deltans Flee Over Flood Disaster


By Treasure Emmanuel

Residents of communities in Delta state have been put in a state of despair following the floods that resulted from the series of downpour in the state. Lives, properties and sources of livelihood of many have been destroyed while others have been displaced.

Speaking to News Desk Paper, a resident of Ashaka in Ndokwa East Local Government Area, Mr Ozah Chika said: “the flood is not something to be taken lightly. I had to move with my family to stay with my elder brother who stays in Kwale. My children cannot even go to school because of the flood. My business and that of my wife is in Ashaka but now that the flood has forced us away from there, we have no source of livelihood. It is so devastating.”

The lack of drainage systems in these communities can be seen as one of the major propellants of the floods.

According to the traditional ruler of Abala kingdom in NELGA, HRM Obi Fredrick Egbunkonye: “up till today, most people are still in the village; not minding the floods. This is because they do not want to lose their agricultural investments.”

HRM Egbunkonye implored the Federal Government to consider the dredging of the Niger and Benue rivers, and also proper dams and drainages to hold the water caused by the opening of Cameroonian dams. He also implored the government to construct access roads to the community.

Students of Owessei and Iyiatu state primary schools, and also Utagba-Ogbe Grammar school in Umusadege, Kwale have been forced to remain at home as the floods have gradually taken over their schools.

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Members of the communities are calling on the government for help in any way.

Residents of Atunta in Umusam-Ogbe have been sacked by the flood. A popular company in the area, Adaeze Manufacturing Industry, makers of Adaeze bread has lost about fifty million naira due to the flood and workers have been forced to go home. The management is calling on the Delta state government to come to their rescue.