E-Voting: Design Template for 2023 General Election


It is generally agreed by political pundits that a reform of our electoral system and practice has become essential to engender the confidence of the Nigerian public in elections and the democratic process in the country.

The goal of any voting system is to establish the intent of the voter, and transfer that intent to the vote counter. The efficiency of the voting method and the accuracy of the vote counter are the crucial determinants of the ability and capacity of the system to correctly determine the wish of the voters.

Eligible Voters casting ballots

The 2019 General election conducted by INEC under Prof. Mahmood Yakubu has shown gross incompetency and the result produced by INEC does not thoroughly reflect the wish of the Nigerian populace hence the series of court cases to stop all this in the future there is need for electronic voting system.

What is Electronic Voting System.

Electronic voting is voting that uses electronic means to either aid or take care of casting and counting votes. Depending on the particular implementation, e-voting may use standalone electronic voting machines or computers connected to the Internet. Electronic ballots are used rather than paper.

How it can be use in 2023 General election.

We must have a centralized Database where eligible voters will be allowed to register using their voters ID number/NIN/Phone No.

Accreditation/Voting process:
Accreditation can be done using any type of mobile phone, android application or PC.
And can be done within voting time.
Let’s say 8am-4pm.

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu Inec Chairman

On Voting Day.
Eligible voters are to dial a code let say *2023# and you will be ask to select option to continue.
Press 1 for accreditation.
Press 2 to chose election type
Press 3 to vote.
Press 4 to check result.
When you press 3 to vote you will be ask to choose political parties base on numbers asigned to them.

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Also when you press 4 to check the result an option will be displayed asking you to chose result type.

Note: every eligible voters in the database has the following column: name, phone, VIN, NIN, accreditation status, vote status, party voted.

Before accreditation, the accreditation status will be unverified , after accreditation the column will be updated to verified.

Same process goes to voting.

If you try to do accreditation or vote again the system will notify you that you have done accreditation, proceed to vote Or you have voted already, proceed to check the results.

For party voted the system will update the column with the number you press for the political party you selected.

Now we will write a program that will fetch accredited voters and actual voters and party voted for.

The result will be declared by the highest numbers of party voted for.

With this we can end unfit leaders in Nigeria. This will reflect the through meaning of “your vote is your right”.

Signed: Ejikeme Augustine Eloka.

For: Eloson Technology, ICT consultant and multi service company in Nigeria.