#Endsars: Nigerians Praise Osinbajo For Initiating SARS Ban


Nigerians have taken to social media to commend Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for initiating a meeting with the Inspector General of Police, M. A. Adamu and for also ordering the ban of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS).

FSARS operatives and those of other tactical units have been harassing and extorting Nigerians across the country causing a social media movement against the units.

To get the attention of the Nigerian government, many citizens including celebrities attacked the government for their inaction on FSARS unprofessionalism.

Reacting to the ban on Twitter, Lucky Ailemen said, “Prof Osinbajo this is a good one, this is what we expect of you. I do hope you continue in this your new found vigour. Always be on the side of justice, fairness or equity,” he said.

Ernest Fadaka thanked the Vice President for his timely and swift action. “Thank you Prof Osinbajo. Please help us #EndSars brutality in Nigeria,” he added.

Mercy Ola also lauded the intervention of the Vice President. “Very commendable from the VP, as young Nigerian men we should have the right to own a laptop and phone without being scared of any harassment. Thanks to the VP for speaking up”.

Kalu Onyedika also shared same sentiments. “No matter the powers one has, it is not a yardstick to take another man’s life. I agree with the Vice President, this nonsense has to be put to an end,” he said.

Christiana Bakare says she is confident that the VP will see the ban to the end. “It’s really unfortunate that the men tasked with protecting lives are the ones ending it. The foundational issue is with the individuals not the government. The whole police force needs to be reformed. I trust the VP will ensure this ban is enforced,” she said.

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Tunde Abiodun wanted the more than a ban. “Good one from the VP. How I wish he had the absolute power to end this SARS of a thing. He did something close to it only for this present IG to nullify the order because of his closeness to the President. Cancelling the VP directives, the IG ought to be questioned in the first place.”

“Prof. Osinbajo you have spoken well sir, but please Sir, use your office to save the lives of youth from this wicked people called SARS. Thank you Sir,” Taiwo Olaoluwa said in a tweet.

“The VP once addressed the senior officers urging them to put their men in check, I’m glad the VP is speaking up again on this issue and i strongly believe this is the beginning of the end of all forms of police brutality,” Pryncess11 said.

“This is a very good motive Sir. The act of FSARS is unlawful. Thank you Sir for showing your concern towards this, another user said.