Food Prices Increase In Warri Markets


By Veronica Ebuku 

The price of foodstuffs have skyrocketed in the market due to the flood water that has covered many villages and towns in Delta State and other neighboring States. 

The foodstuffs mostly affected are palm oil, rice, onions, garri, akpu,fish, tomatoes  and cow meat etc. 

And all these items listed above are staple foods required by any household, which is now difficult for the common man to purchase. 

According to the survey carried out, an eva bottle of palm oil that used to sell for one thousand, five hundred naira about a week ago is now sold for two thousand naira. While Nigerian rice which is sold for thirty four thousand is now forty two thousand naira.

A seller of palm oil in Igbudu market, Mrs Loveth explained that palm oil price used to go up during the rainy season but this time the price went too high due to the flood and according to her the price will still increase more than what it is now. 

Also a meat seller in pesu market Warri Mr Ade Saheed said that the price of cow meat went up because of the flood water that caused the people bringing the cow to Warri to have an accident which claimed nineteen lives. 

A pound weight of meat which used to sell for one thousand, two hundred naira is now sold for one thousand, four hundred naira in the market.

The traders lamented that due to the increase in the prices of foodstuffs, business is now very slow because buyers do not buy much like in those days when prices were moderate. 

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