Footing Family Bills, Whose Responsibility


In Africa settings, men are to marry a woman, toil day and night to take the responsibility of her and her children.

I have seen a family where issues of disrespect arose because the man could not stand up to his responsibility as the head of the house.

As, a man having balls is not enough to acclaim you are due for marriage.

Yes, you can impregnate a woman, no doubts but you must be up to do, to take your responsibility by caring for your family and all the fatherly love they would ever clamor for especially financial responsibility.

Yes, our lovely women are to support us but if you must be the man of your house, I urge you never ever be the man fails in his duty if you do your dignity as a man will varnish as the sun arises and descends.

Please to my fellow men, marriage is good and a God given gift to every man but please before you say you are due; prepare yourself financially first because many things comes into marriage especially the responsibilities of your children walfares.

Don’t marry because you see your mates marrying. Don’t marry because you want to have children, you need to train them to the world stardard by given him/her at least university degree.

When we do these, our respect as men will definitely randomized in our different families.

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