Former Congo Dictator Mobutu Seseseko’s Mansion Current State


Former Congo dictator Mobutu Seseseko’s mansion is now home to rats, bats, snakes and birds. Lesson to greedy rulers

This is the House of the former Zaire [now DRC] dictator, Field Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko Kukungbendu Wazabanga.
The magnificent structure constructed on a large expanse of land [equivalent to a minimal game park] was built in his home village called Gbadolite at the cost £100m.

It was considered the “epitome of decor and elegance” in Zaire and beyond. The super structure was decorated with Italian marble, Katangese high-karate gold plated doors and windows, Spanish floor tiles, automatic American air conditioning, Isreali state-of-the-art communication systems, king-size swimming pool, a private airport control tower, 3-4 inch bullet-proof glassware, 5 presidential suites, 6 Jacuzzis and surrounded by a mini game park full of all kinds of wildlife, including Indian tigers.

The structure, which at the time of Mobutu’s death was ranked one of the most magnificent private castles ever owned by a sitting Head of State, is now home to wild rats, tropical snakes, gecko lizards, mega snails, scorpions, birds and thousands of wild insects.

Dictators should learn from this. Where are Mobutu’s kids to take over their father’s estate?

Pictures source: Zambezi Reporters
So shall it be for all leaders who looted public resources unless they change and return their loots to public coffers.

Mobutu Seseseko’s
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