Friends And Family Which Comes First


In our society today, spouses value their friends more than family.

Well, in my opinion. We ought to value whichever friend but never to the detriment of your family.

For some men, they prefer to go meet their friends in the beer pallor or eatries more than having time especially when their spouses wanted them to have time with each other.

Most of them will complain and complain saying all sorts of words.

To some ladies, hanging out with their female friends that adds no value to their living rather than gossiping around to their spouses is very important to them than having mutual time for their spouses.

For you to have a resounding and enviable marriage/relationship, your family must come first in everything. Value your friends but not to demay your relationship with your husband or wife.

Every human needs a very successful relationship/marriage and that comes by building a mutual and understanding relationship with your partner.

Have time for him/her no matter your schedules, build your marriage for your friends to envy. They will definitely talk about you.

God grant us a successful relationship/marriage.

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