Gender Disperity


We are looking at this topic today because it has affected many families, majority of African homes especially in Nigeria, families are affected which has caused some many disputes and family breakage.

Now, let’s digress. Gender disperity is a situation where a particular gender is choosen to be more important than the other.

Children are God’s gift to every family but my NIGERIA people choose a particular gender to be more superior to the other.

However, medically. The choice of a child’s gender is solemnly dependent of the man who produces either Y-CHROMOSOMES or X-CHROMOSOMES. So why humilating your wife when she either gives you a girl child or male child.

You ought to ask yourself questions as a man, if you have more female children than you wanted, then you failed. First and foremost, trace your part in God and secondly, learn your wife’s cycle and know when to make love to her especially during the peak of her ovulation.

I know many families today who use to be very very happily but the man married another woman because according to him, the first wife gave him female Children all through which pushed him to marry a second wife which he completely believes will give him a male child.

Now, if i may ask. Are female children not humans? My friend wake up and train them to the standard you want and I bet you, you will be the best dad in the world tomorrow. No gender is better than another if you train your child or children rightly.

Africa families should stop giving excuses of producing more children than expected because they want a male child or because they want a female child. Children are children, train them rightly and you will rejoice for doing so in the later year.

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