God Gave Adam A Job Before Giving Him A Wife – Reno Omokri


The Bestselling Author. Avid Traveler. Hollywood Mag Film Festival Humanitarian of 2019, Reno Omokri said God gave Adam a job before giving him a wife. Learn from God. Dont get a wife before getting a job or business.

That is why Africa is poor. A poor man with no source of income marries because time is going. The end result is multiplication of poverty.

According to him, Africans get everything wrongly. They will tell you “he who finds a wife, has found a good thing & obtains favour from the Lord”. They really need to be educated.

How can you be jobless and be looking for a wife It doesn’t work that way. Have a decent life first before getting married. Not later you start calling people stingy because they didn’t give you money. Plan your life Think ahead.

And most times after the marriage, they put the financial pressure on someone else.

God makes no mistake. He made sure Adam wasn’t idle . He was already working the garden before he decided to send him a helper . The woman should come and help you build something

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