Heavy Downpour Causes Flooding In Parts Of Sapele


By Valerie Oyibo-Itie/ Endurance Ikanone

The torrential rain that fell yesterday caused flooding in most part of Sapele town especially in areas where the drains were blocked with debris.

Areas like Shell road by power line, Akpojotor street, a part of Orhiaki road, Commercial avenue, some part of Akintola and Okpe road as well as Crudas road, to mention but a few, were flooded as a result of the downpour. 

At Sapele/Warri road by Former Eternity factory, a huge tree fell from the company yard to the busy road. Luckily, no vehicle was close by when it fell.

At Orhiaki road, the residents turned the bridge linking the swamp to their dumping ground for debries such that the drain was blocked. 

This blockage resulted in the flooding experienced in this part of Sapele yesterday.

At Crudas road, the drains are shallow and quickly get full. The resultant water that gathers flows to neighboring residential houses.

At Obire Street, off New Ogorode road, the flood covered the tarred roads and gutters to the end that many vehicles ran into the gutters, when they could not differentiate between the tarred road and the open drains.

Some concern residents are calling on the government to help out in arresting the causes of the flooding.

They equally called on other residents that are of the habits of blocking drains with debries, to desist from it as the consequences are life threatening.

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