How Lack Of Judicial Autonomy Affects The Common Man


How lack of Judicial Autonomy affects the common man

1. It helps to devalue Nigerian courts. Investors insist on inserting foreign jurisdictions in arbitration clauses as loci for resolution of business disputes.

2. Investors insist on clauses that will take all forms of dispute resolution outside Nigerian courts so that they won’t hire Nigerian lawyers.

3. Judges adjudicate with fear with respect to any case involving the government, ministries, departments and agencies due to arm-twisting and undue interference.

4. Judges work hard to please the Government so that the Governors will agree to release budget votes to the Judiciary.

5. Court orders are not effectively enforced against the Government thereby turning the Government to a Leviathan.

6. Having captured the Legislature and the Judiciary, the Governor becomes the sole administrator of his State, acting with impunity and above the rule of law.

7. Democracy loses its checks and balances, cascading to authoritarianism, then to totalitarianism, which blossoms to full dictatorship with time.

8. The resultant is that institutions are personalised while the Judiciary becomes aristocratic with their key officials being those having consanguineous relationship with politicians.

9. They stifle professionalism, human rights and good governance.

_Support an independent judiciary today. Aluta continua._


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