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I won’t answer this question directly but indirectly by typing alot of information. It is a short article I am currently writing for our blog.

Websites are typically informational in nature. They are basically collection of web pages which can be assessed in a browser. You’re supposed to just read and look at everything that’s on a website, and that’s the majority of your experience as a user. your goal is to learn something and to absorb the information. Technically, you could have just as easily read that same information in a book. You just happened to find it on a website, probably due to personal convenience. Example of sites are blogs, landing pages, portfolio sites, company sites

Creating a website is so easy these days anyone could learn it to do it in 15 mins. This is NOT a skill to that will not put alot of cash in you pocket.

Creating a website today just doesn’t require a high degree of technical skill compared to creating a web applications and web services.

A lot of people not in tech have heard the term ‘Web developers’ a trillion times, then subconsciously thinks they are everywhere, hence not a valuable skill. Web developers don’t just create websites. They create web applications and web services, really good Web developers are exceptionally rare and they easily earn millions.

Now it is time for me to explain Web Applications and Web services

Web applications are defined by being interactive. You’re supposed to use a web application in order to perform a function and use some of the web applications features. Lots of web applications don’t even have real informative content or data exactly. People are just supposed to use them in order to perform additional tasks, using their features to accomplish something. E.g online banking, e-commerce, portal e.t.c thousands of web apps exist today that have positively impacted businesses. Mastering this skill will put a lot of cash in your pocket

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Web services are used by two or more web applications to interact with each other. All web services are API. Short for Application Programming Interface. Lot more harder to explain to newbies, so I’ll use this analogy.

Let’s say you are hungry and need something to eat, you could go to the market, buy the required items and cook yourself. But you will have to do alot of work to accomplish this. Or you could go to a restaurant where you just need to sit down. You will not be allowed to enter the Chefs area. The waiters are there to serve you. API are like waiters in a traditional restaurant in the sense that they are software lntermediaries that allow two web apps talk to each other. Popular examples are the buttons that allow you sign up with a single click using Google or Facebook. Those are APIs.

If you can build web applications and web services, you are truly a software developer and there will be at least 100million new jobs for software developers btw now and 2026

A Master web developer is extremely hard to come by, they have other skills which cut across several fields such as DevOps, ML, Testing, Security. A single project can require all these skills. Master Developers also have plenty yrs of experience which makes them extremely valuable. These ones make over 60m in a year without breaking a sweat.

A friend told me his friend made over $400,000(over 220 million) in 2021 working remotely for various forms and also freelancing works.

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