How YAGEP Turned Me From Job Seeker To Employer


By Promise Ogana

Helen Udoma-Ebegbare hails from Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State. She has a BSC in Mass Communications from National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN and is the CEO of Dihelinic Ventures in Asaba, Delta State.

Helen is a beneficiary of the 2017/2018 Cycle of the Delta State Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurs Programme (YAGEP). She shares her success story of how YAGEP has not only saved her from unemployment but also made her an employer.

She shares her testimony thus:

“My life has taken a turn for good after enrolling in the YAGEP intervention program having been jobless for a long time. The program came at the right time, a time when I really needed to be gainfully engaged so as to get some money to help cater for my family.

“I heard about the YAGEP programme from a friend whom I had gone to visit.  At that time, my husband had a farm in the village, and although I never paid attention to what was going on there, I was always fascinated whenever I saw the fish in water. When I heard about the programme, I indicated interest. I immediately visited the Delta State Job and Wealth Creation Bureau the next day.

“I collected the form free of charge, filled and submitted it and was very lucky to be among those that were selected, trained and empowered. That was how my life turned around for good. Imagine going from being jobless to being the CEO of Dihelinic Ventures where we produce catfish every month.

I was properly trained at Ugbolu for 3 months then empowered with 2,000 fingerlings and 145 bags of fish feeds. It did not end there. I was also paid a monthly stipend throughout the first cycle which was 6 months.

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“The first cycle has given birth to many more successful cycles till date.  At present, I have about 9, 000 fish in my ponds and I have designed a model to enable me to stock and sell fish every month without fail.

“I am now financially independent and have extended same to my two employees who receive their salaries every month which helps them to contribute to their families’ upkeep.

“One thing about this programme is that fish farming is not a bad venture. Every home needs fish. The market is huge. While a good number of people do not eat meat, almost everyone eats fish including children.

“Our amiable Governor, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa is on the right track. I really thank him for investing in agriculture thereby lifting so many people out of joblessness while boosting our economy at the same time.

“Thank you Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for this great opportunity. May God continually bless and furnish you with more wisdom to steer this state in the right direction.”