Impact of Lockdown


It is true according to @Tom Goodwin that during this pandemic period, most essential businesses like daycare, airlines, fashion and designers etc suffered and are still suffering the most until this period is totally get rid of before they will be relelief.

It is no doubt at the other hand, that many businesses made their way out to succeed and blossom such are food vendors, health workers and its environs, families have the attention of their husband or and wife as well as children from parent.

I am quite interested with the short speech from @Tom Goodwin when he said and I qoute
“I’ve 5 reasons for thinking the economic rebound may be faster than expected*

1)There are industries that are highly visible and capture our imagination the most- “we” think of fashion, retail, airlines, hotels, daycare centers a lot, & these suffer the most.
More dull/invisible industries like energy, finance, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics are a far far greater part of the economy & are by far less affected.

2) The stories I commonly hear about of companies doing surprisingly well, come from people who feel rather guilty being optimistic about it, or ‘don’t want to jinx things”, so we tend not to hear good news.

3) Unlike any other recession, the “economic machine” didn’t break. There was no Dot Com bubble based on crazy expectations, there was no Sub-Prime scandal. Nothing broke, we just pressed stop.

4) The jobs that tend to be fastest to vanish are typically the fastest to bring back, the work alongside each other. A mall opens, security guards are needed, food court workers are needed, retail workers are needed, car park attendants are needed, we have systems that fall and come back in there entirety.

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5) Pent up demand.
*I’ve no qualifications in Economics, but since the experts seem wildly in disagreement, it’s OK to ponder and listen.”

He has said it all. Thanks sir.