Impotant Of Sex Education In The Family.


Sex education in a family is the process parents and guidians sex educate their children on dangers of sex both on female and male children.

Sex educating your children is an essential thing to do as they approach age of adolescent
Many of our parents didn’t do this because they believed it was wrong not knowing that they are pushing us to so many dangers of life.

Majority of us especially the young women who is yet to start menstruation needs to be sex educated, tell her that a time will come in a woman’s life, she will start to see monthly blood flow which is necessary as far as she is woman and that makes her reproductive.

Tell her that sex is sweet but it is wrong to do it with someone that is not her husband that it can give her infection like Hepatitis, HIV, track infections and others that can make her not to be able to conceive in future. That keeping oneself till you marry is the best but if she can’t, she should just have one partner and should always tell her partner to use protection. Tell her everything necessary that she needs to know about sex.

As for men, tell him that women are to be approached before invading her, he ought to seek her attention if he must have sex with her.

That raping a woman is a great sin before God and man, tell and teach your men children these things. It will help and remoldel our society.

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Most parents don’t have heart to heart discussion with their children rather they do so with outsiders and some of these outsiders advice them wrongly. Most of these children are sexually abused because you left your parental duties and chasing shadows.

If you must be a father or a mother, you must accept to be in morally, financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and otherwise.

Whatever you give them as they are growing up is what you will get back when they finally becomes adult.

Mold your children for societal standard and help make the world a better place.