Independence: An Imprisonment in Disguise by M C John.


Is Independence really a guarantee for true freedom? If yes! Then why are we still suffering from oppressions, intimidations, conflicts and crises in our nation? I don’t think Independence is enough to give us true freedom.

In Independence people are still oppressed and intimidated, why? Because, they are responsible for their own lives. Maybe you can ask the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-36.

True freedom is never like that. In the system of true freedom, the Spirit of God is responsible for our lives and security.

Independence gives people the rights to do whatever they want, but true freedom gives people the liberty and authority to do whatever God wants. In both system of freedom, one system is man’s made while the other is God’s made.

The story of the prodigal son expressively reveal to us the cost of Independence and the benefits of interdependence (true freedom).

Now, just for a moment, what do you think would happen to a nation which chooses to stay on her own without God’s help? Of course you already know. Right? Such nation will keep on encountering more crises, conflicts character flaws just like the prodigal son did.

She will never have peace, unity and progress until she interdependent with the true source of freedom. Like the Ancient Book once quote,” not by might or by strength but by My Spirit saith the LORD of host”.

Do you know that most Nations are living just like the prodigal son we read in the Bible? They thought that Independence is enough guarantee for true freedom. Do you know what I call these Nations? I call them ” The Prodigal Nations”, who are yet to return to their true source of freedom (GOD).

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To crown it up; in Independence we are still the slaves of oppressions and bondage not until we’ve discovered the place of God in our nation. God bless Nigeria.