Is Creating A Website Still Advisable In This Era?


Gone are the days where you can easily build your website and you can easily be seen and heard.

Now the competition is so great that you literally have to pass through the eye of a needle to get some traffic to your website

Having a website can greatly affect your business and it still does, that’s for those that started maybe few years ago

there are over 1.4 billion websites in the world right now and each and every single one of those is struggling for the first page of google

Which leaves beginners no choice than to start investing in SEO and other strategies which might also take a long while to start showing results

And to make things even difficult for website creators, platforms like quora, nairaland,craigslist, News Desk and the rest have made it easier to own your own page and add content to it and also get good amount of views without even having to own a website.

I have had thousands of views to the content I share all because of nairaland and News Desk but it would have been a great challenge if I had to do this for my personal website or blog.

This that I am doing for free might have taken my money time and effort if I was to transfer it to a blog or site.

So is it still profitable to own a website now without having to wait for months if not forever before you start getting the traffic or should one just stick to social sites like Nairaland, News Desk and the rest

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What’s your take on this?