Kaduna: 25% Of Workers Salaries To Be Cut – Nasir El-Rufai


The Kaduna state government is faced with severe cash problem as Governor Nasir El-Rufai is resorting to cutting 25% of workers wages and salaries to run his government. The following month, the Kaduna State Govt will cut half of their wages.
The state is one of the states that failed to save or plan for future.

Kaduna public servants earning, at least, N67, 000 will have 25 per cent of their salaries transferred to the state’s purse until the end of the lockdown period.

“Career public servants earning a net pay of N67,000 and above aftertax will also donate 25% of their pay monthly whilst the quarantine conditions are in place,” El-Rufai’s media adviser Muyiwa Adekeye said in a statement while announcing the extension of the lockdown in the state for another 30 days.

“No public servant will have less N50,000 monthly to manage in this emergency period,” he said.

Adekeye said the governor has also asked the state senior appointees, including commissioners, permanent secretaries, special advisers and heads of agencies to each donate N500,000 each in April 2020.

“In subsequent months, they will donate 50% of their salaries until the quarantine ends,” he said.

The quarantine ends at the end of May after being extended by 30 days

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