Leadership: Buhari Should Seek Help From Oyedepo


The four refineries in the country is not working not because it cannot work, it is simply because our leaders are selfish and incompetent. We need people with brains to make it work again.

Look at the power sector in Nigeria it has been privatize and yet noting seems to work. We have a government at all levels that don’t know what to do, thy lack leadership skills.

Buhari should seek Papa’s Opinion on how to manage the four refineries and power sector in Nigeria. Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners chapel international under the leadership of Bishop David Oyedepo has been able to generate Electricity in cananland for many years without Black out a day. Winners chapel have it own turbine that generate excess electricity per day. Look at the canan city it’s a world on it’s own. Papa today have been able to manage the academic sector with excellence by the spirit of God.

Its time Buhari should invite Papa and ask him for help over the petroleum sector. Papa has alot to offer to this government.

Stop abusing churches with CAMA Law. Our leaders today in Nigeria is outdated only good at making useless policy.

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