Lionel Messi Reached 200M Followers On Instagram


I see I’ve just reached the 200 million people following me on this network, however, what’s happening today, I’m not going to take it as a reason to celebrate. Of course I appreciate all the love and support I always receive from you, but I think it’s time to give importance to all the people who are behind each profile, we realize that behind each account there is a person of flesh and bone, who laughs, cries, enjoys and suffers, human beings with feelings.

Let’s raise our voice to stop abuse on social media. It doesn’t matter if we’re anonymous, celebrities, athletes, referees or fans of a game, even someone alienated all of this, doesn’t matter race, religion, ideology or gender… No one deserves to be mistreated or insulted. We lived to see and experience abuse, getting worse and worse on each of the networks, without anyone doing anything to prevent it. We must strongly condemn these hostile attitudes and demand companies that manage the networks to take urgent action against these behaviors. I wish you, the 200 million people who accompany me, could become the 200 million reasons that exist to make networks a safe and respectful place, where we can share what we want without fear of be insulted… and stay forever out of them insults, racism, abuse and discrimination. For those of you who are part of these networks and who are always with me, I hope you will join me and support me in this crusade. Big hug to all and congratulations to all the football people in the UK for their idea of rigging the campaign against abuse and discrimination on networks. #BastaYa #StopOnlineAbuse #EnoughlsEnough

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