Making A Good Home As House Wives


Is a good time we look on this topic House wives, majority of married women today after being graduates dumped their certificate without using it meaningful to better their immediate family or surrounding.

Well, most of this case are traced to either to their husbands or the woman in particular.

You must not work under someone or government agency but at least you can be self employed.

If you are a woman, don’t solemnly depend on your husband for everything, you ought to have your own source of income no matter how small it is, it gives self respect to you.

Majority of married women today depends on their husbands to buy matches box before they can cook, that is uncalled for.

Now let’s take it from this direction, if your husband said you should not work reach a concrete agreement that he must open a good business for you, because they say so because of the kids so that you can have time for them and their school activities.

Every man has elastic limit about tolerance. If you keep demanding money for food, money for pads, money for hair, money for this and that, he will get upset one day and abuse you verbally. Learn to use your brain by self developing yourself as a woman.

I know a family where this has caused alot of damages. If you people must live peaceful, give him that peace and happiness and self respect in you by trying to prove that you came to assist him as a partner not to bring him down financially.

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Remember, he is married to you, your siblings, mom and dad and including his own family too.