Male child Molestation in families by Aunt/Aunties


Believe it or not majority of guys were molested by the so called aunt/aunties when they were small or at adolescent age.

Africans make more time for girl children when they are growing up, more than the male child because they believe that male children can cope and adapt easily with the society.

They also believe that the risk of sexual abuses and unwanted pregnancies are more prevailing when it comes to female children without looking deeply that male children are abused on daily basis by their auntie’s who suppose to take care of them.

I have more than three true life stories on this traumatic experiences on male children by related aunties, maid aunties and others.

Parents should endeavor to make their male and female children their friends so that they can always open up to them, so that they can freely tell you what is happening with them either from outside the house or within the house.

Majority of male children grew up to become sex addicts because of one stupid aunt who molested them and used them for their sexual satisfaction during adolescent age.

If you doubt this article, I will make a post for us(male folks) to voice out our childhood experiences from our so called aunties.

Please, if you are a woman and you know you have a high libido or you are sexually starved. Get yourself a matured man and stop abusing small small children. The dangers you are exposing them into will or might cost them their lives in the nearest future.

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Written By Ogobuchi Emmanuel

Ogobuchi Emmanuel