Manning Up Responsibilities Before Marriage Is A Thing You Must Do


As a man, you ought to man up responsibilities before asking any woman’s hand in marriage.

Majority of people think everything about marriage is about reproducing and giving birth, nope it is not.

Some people think, because they have family house, they have grown to ask a woman’s hand in marriage. My friend, if you can’t man up a responsibility by owning your home either by paying comfortably for you and your family, don’t dare ask or go into marriage.

I know allot of families today that are at verge of breaking because they choose to live in their family house. When you live in your family house, your mom, dad or siblings will definitely find fault in your spouse or your spouse will find faults in them.

If you want to have a peaceful home, build your home independently and visit your extended family once a while. Man up and take a responsibility.

My point is not that you must build a house on your own but at least, you can pay for where you and your family can live comfortably and plan for tomorrow.

No individual in this world is completely perfect, if you look deeply in every single being, you will find faults in them. Grow your Spouses with love and happiness. I bet us men when we learn to man up our responsibilities as men, our spouses will love us dearly.

I pray for every marriage to be blessed maritally.

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