Marriage and In-Laws


Marriage and in-laws

Let’s take a look at this topic marriage and in-laws. Africa and our identity are not like the western world where you marry and concentrate on your wife and children alone

In Africa setting, as a man; if you marry a woman, you are automatically married to her siblings and the whole family. You are to welcome expenses from your in-laws because they are part of you already, it is in our culture and heritage.

Now, to the woman. You are to marry your husband, his siblings and the parents because if you are peacefully with them, if your husband misbehaves, they are the ones to stand with you and deal with things extensively.

However, civilization has come and we are to correct abnormalities in marriages and in-laws.
There are some issues that you can’t tolerate, woman were abused differently years back by some in-laws especially these mommy boys that are not men enough before venturing into marriage.

Marriage is understanding and tolerance but some in-laws will make marriage a living hell to some ladies.

On this note, I advice our men, first before you talk about marriage, Man up by taking responsibility, maybe at least having your own apartment either rented apartment or your own house.

Two, try to have source of income to Carter for your family not depending on your extended family even if your extended family is that of Adenuga or Dangote’s. There is difference between ours and mine. Man up yourself wholeheartedly.

To the ladies, accept your in-laws and love them genuinely and care for them from your heart that even God will appreciate, let it be that they are the ones giving you negative attitude. Most of you ladies are evil, you come in a family to tear it apart but God will always prevail.

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In all, men accept your your responsibility and take up your family as a man by maning up the duties of your home, women accept your in-laws and love them they way you would like your siblings to be loved if your brother marries another lady in your family.