Marriages and House Chores.


Hello everyone! Let’s look at this particular topic today, marriages and house chores.

In Africa setting, men are viewed not to participate in house chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, taking care of the children and preparing them for school and rest.

In my view, I will say no because the era of our grand parents, men are solemnly to take the responsibility of providing and cartering for the whole family but now, the equation is balanced especially when your wife is working just as you are.

Men should learn to appreciate and help their wife’s in house chores at homes to make things easy for them. If you can’t cook, at least assist her in bathing the children and preparing them for school not just to cross your legs and watch television after work.

Remember, she is not your slave rather, she is your wife, if truly you love her, assist her in the best way you can or have heart to heart discuss with her and get a house help that can always assist you.

As a man I can’t allow my wife to work just as I do, clean the house, cook for me, take care of the children and later satisfy me with my libido. That’s imbalance. She will die of stress.

Your wife is your second half and your soul mate, she is ought to gloow for you 24/7 not to kill her self with all the work on earth.

Remember you married her for companionship not to come and be doing all the house chores in this world for you.

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Love your wife just as you would like another to love your daughter.