Marriages and Sex Styles.


Today we are going to look at marriages and sex styles.

Many marriages kissed the air good bye today because of the inability of the couple to understand each other especially on sexual gratification and prowess either from the man or from the woman.

However, I will use this true life story as a case study before I will continue my analysis.
There is this friend of mine that year in my University, his name is Ikechukwu, they are from Anambra. His cousin and the wife started having serious issues because the man wholeheartedly started having an affair with the wife’s friend. What was his reasons. The wife refused giving him his best style which is doggy style and the woman’s friend heard about it and confronted the man and said, okay. I will be giving you the doggy. This man abandoned his family and went after the doggy woman. The wife according to her, her faith forbids it because she is deeper life church member. They have to call both families for a meeting to trash it out. Which the woman was blamed.

Now; my people. There is nowhere in the Bible or Koran that a particular sex style was mentioned to be used in your family affairs.

All we need to do in our marriages is to understand each other perfectly, groom your man and let your man groom you too.

We are each other’s support, we can’t be without each other. That’s what marriages intensifies, whether in sex, in carreer, decision making, in acquisition of wealth and others. We should be able to accept each other.

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Again as a man or as woman, study your body type. Are you a high libido personality, if yes, go for high libido personality. If you are a low libido personality, go for low libido personality.

Again, majority of our women push their husbands outside after marriage because they totally refused to maintain their body. Your body should be amazing for your husband, I know you will definitely add shape but at least, always look charming and sexy for him. He will definitely not find another woman attractive, if you do.

Credit: Ogobuchi Emmanuel

Ogobuchi Emmanuel