Marrying A Graduate


Let’s take a look on this uprising matters today, many marriages got it wrongly today because they wanted marrying Mr A or B because he is a graduate without considering if he is the right man for her.

Many men also are dying for Miss C or D because she is a graduate without considering if she is the right person for him.

Marriage is beyond certificate aquisation. All you ought to know is are you both right for each other, if he is not a graduate, you can ask him to do work and study to upgrade his status.

If she is not a graduate, you can get admission for her, train her to your own satisfaction.

Am not against anyone marrying a graduate but you must ask yourself what is the spirit of the Lord saying about this union, are we spiritually, physically, medically and visionary conforming for each other?

I know many broken marriages today that both partners are PhD holders, it did not work for them because they lack tolerance and understanding, they were not made for each other.

So in all, try not to look at him or her as below your status because you have Master degree (Msc) and he has O’level. Tomorrow he might have PhD before you do. This life is all about determination and focus.

Learn to be where you are appreciated and tolerated.

I know one honourable judge of a customary court who had more than four divorce because he was after graduates, but today, he married O’level holder, trained her to his test and they are doing extremely well today. Very unique family.
Do this today and your marriage will be so fine and admired by many.

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Wish you a beautiful family