Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Biafra Restoration Mandate

Nnamdi Kalu


I was born on the 25th day of September 1967 at the start of the BIAFRA war. After the war, we relocated to ABA where I had my nursery and primary education at Cameron road primary school ABA before we went back to umuahia where I had my secondary education at the GOVERNMENT boys college umuahia.

After my secondary education, I got admission at the university of Nsukka where I spent only two years and Decided to leave because of too much strikes going on there. I told my dad that I would like to complete my education in London which he later did it.

After my graduation in the university in London where I studied politics and economics, I opened a consultation company called Alpha finites UK limited.

I was also nominated and made the chairman of APGA in the whole of Europe.

In 2009, when Uwazuruike was denied visa, I wrote to the embassy to Allow him which they did.

I was managing radio BIAFRA which uwazuruike paid for just(March, April and May).

I used my money to sponsor the radio from May to December before I went bankrupted.

What we do then was to play music until our DJ Started requesting for money, he was suspended. That’s how I took over in broadcasting on radio.

When I came back to Nigeria in 2010, uwazuruike kidnapped me and naked me. He posted my photos everywhere in 2014 even when I was innocent.

I Decided that I will never stopped until BIAFRA is restored.

I was tortured in prison
I have experienced gun shots against me while we were going to OGONI.

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I lost my parents and my cousins.

I have being insulted!
My family have being insulted
I have being called many names.

Just because I decided to LIBERATE my people.

This is not easy!
Forget I do come on radio to broadcast.

Spiritually they are after me!
It’s only CHUKWUABIAMA who is helping me in all their ATTACKS!

Please BIAFRANS, if you love me, say a word of PRAYERS for me.

Just pray for me , the job is too much!