My Plans For Nigeria and Africa – Trump


My name is Donald J Trump.

Before I came to POWER, there was a lot of wickedness going on AGAINST America my country.
As a billionaire, I decided to run for the president to Change the status quo.
I later won the election and since the Inception of my leadership, all my salaries do go to the less privilege in America.
I brought my best team to rebrand the American Economy and to do that which Democrats couldn’t do.
America became the best Economy in the world.
Since I took over power, all the MEDIA houses turned against me. From one false news to another just to destroy me…
The reason they hate me was because I recognized Jerusalem as the capital of israel and failed to Join in their Illuminati cult.
I was planning that in my second term in office, I will look towards Africa and liberate them from the bondage they are from the Europeans.
I never knew that China was planning to recognize Africa. They brought a disease CALLED CORONA VIRUS and hid it away from the rest of the world.
Today it has shattered my country and still raking havoc
I am perplexed. I love my citizens and hate to see them dying as it is happening today.
We have spent trillions of dollars just because of what China caused. I would have used this money to liberate Africa especially those trapped in Nigeria and stop the killing of Christians.
I am in a very sad mood now.
If you see this statement, say a word of prayers for me…

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