Nigeria @60, How Far By Comr. M.O Eloka

Comr M.O Eloka
Comr M.O Eloka

I congratulate all Nigerians as we mark our 60th Independence Anniversary. However, the nation is faced with uncertainty but with God on our side we can make Nigeria great again. We are currently faced with security challenges, Economic challenges, Job loss, hardship, lack of basic amenities, increase in fuel pump price & electricity tariff, corruption in public and private sector and so many uncertainties.

Today in our country we have lost focus for the future for instance as a nation we should be practicing electronic voting and transparent leadership but greed and corruption will not let the public office holder do the right thing in accordance to God’s will.

What are we really Celebrating? What are we Jubilating? the reason why Nigeria is not moving forward today is stated in “Deuteronomy 28:1-14 & 30”

If Nigerians are serious to seek the face of God, obey his commandment and do the right thing as a public servant and private individuals things will turn around for good in this country. God love an one or nation who keep and obey his laws. Any house divided against itself can never make progress, if foundation is defective, what can the righteous do. The structure of the leadership of this nation is faulty, full of corruption and lack of love for the nation. If you love your country, you think of a way of making it better. Our leaders of this age don’t love the country that is why they do things without the fear of God.

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We are also faced with what I called IPP, which means Ignorance, Parenting, and Public where our children grew up.

The first that corrupt a child is the parent and the public if our government should step up to see that parent are corrected in accordance to God’s law  that help the society grow. All the vices you see in our society are due to wrong use of computer. Nations that defilese Gods law cannot have peace from a social and political point of view. Represent the glorious state of her many and all those who obey the commandment of God.

When any society is ruled by spiritual value of life and their leaders are enlightened the society naturally prospers, Nigerian is highly materialistic most politicians are predominantly concerns of gathering wealth for their children and unborn children no matter what it take them to get it.

This philosophy has resulted in demoralization of human being and the society that is ridden with criminalities.

The concept of God upholds an entirely different leadership.  Leaders should consider themselves as the servant of humanity, and cherished the special joy of selfless service which is never seen in advance society. How can we grow when we hate our brothers made by the same God.

I beg our leaders and their advisors to seek Gods counsel, be enlightened posses powerful intellects that is free of illusion and insight in any position man found himself ,God has reason for allowing you to be in that position. In the time of prophets, God chose leaders, how wonderful our country would be if we have any God chosen leader.

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Only God chosen leader would bring harmony between the rich and the poor, no discrimination as we witness in our societies then we notice prosperity in great measure, not corruption in high places, unless we go back to Gods laws nothing good comes to any country that their belly is their God. God help Nigeria. God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.