Nigerians Hail FG For Suspension Of Subsidy Removal


By Clementina Wewele

Some Nigerians in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State has commended the decision of the federal government in suspending the removal of petrol subsidy in the country for the next 18 months.

The citizens who were overwhelmed with joy over the decision, said that the federal government had shown that the people’s welfare was important.

Mr Emmanuel Jude, who said he was worried and wondered how the common man would have survived if the subsidy was removed going by the economy situation in the country, applauded the federal government who felt the pulse of the people as a result thought it wise by suspending the action till further notice.

He said that the suspension of the subsidy removal had saved the country from dangers that would have crippled the nation, adding it would have made the citizens live in total hardship.

Emmanuel urged the federal government to put the country’s refineries in good shape, saying if the federal government could ensure the refineries were working at optimal level, petrol subsidy removal would be history.

Also reacting, Mr Jonathan Adamayogho, a civil servant in Ethiope West, who said though it was a good thing the government did by suspending the action, but according to him, the suspension was like postponing an evil day that would definitely come.

Adamayogho said if the government can put in place palliative to check mate the fuel subsidy removal it would be better, saying the federal government cannot just remove fuel subsidy without making proper arrangements to better the economy situation of the country.

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