Nnamani: By own Miscalculations, Igbos Have Showed Nigeria their Vulnerabilities


Examining the Triad of Peter Obi’s political rascality,and misguided High Risk Igbo Ethnicization(1) The Igbo Youth bile,vile,inanity,political immobility and social vacuity(2) And the apathy,low energy,social sedation and non sophistry, and political suicide of Igbo elders(3), News Desk Paper Report.

To the first part of the Triad. Mr Obi has set the Igbo political trajectory 24/32 years back. He has become a twin Blight & Scourge on the Land. His devious Opium served to Christians within sections of Nigeria and to Igbo domiciled in different sections of Nigeria is severely Addictive and non detoxifying!Will come back to this POINT.

To the 2nd part of the Triad. The OhaNaEze Grown elders who kept quiet while the goats labored tethered will live to regret their political miscalculations. As Governor,I knew they were essentially inert. So shallow!

Coming to Enugu at long weekends to catch fun in the guise of “Mkpuke” These Igbo leaders including “Asoebi” Governors quite unlike my ’99 class. They delivered ZILCH. Roads zero! Water zero Health zero! Education zero.”Dirty” everywhere! In their States and on their behalf 2 terms for 8 years the Presidency commissioned ZERO! My Governor escaped without A SINGLE press conference or media tête-à-tête in 8 years. Forgive my liberty at including the last 36days! They danced while Igbo Land burnt.

They lacked the ‘liver’ to condemn ‘sit at home’/Home lockdown nor condemn the killings. Their governmental incompetence festered the angst and social burn!

They cowered at Peter Obi message of hate, bile and incitement. They failed. For the 3rd part of the Triad. I pass! I take a rain check! no más!

Now back to that POINT. For that I cry in my heart. As an Igbo it seems clear to me that by own miscalculations, we have shown plural multi ethnic Nigeria our own vulnerability and political maximizations. Move on they may! Without us! Politically that is! #Chimaroke #ebeano

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