Nnamdi Kanu Arrest: Sovereignty Of Kenya In Question – Opinion


When you take someone from a country without the knowledge of the country, it means you have violated their sovereignty which is considered as an act of war.

Kenyan government has denied ever handing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to Nigeria DSS.

So what it means is that he was taking without their knowledge which is violation of international protocols, sovereignty of Kenya, an act of war declared by Nigerian Government to Kenya government.

If as a police officer in Anambra state cannot make arrest in Lagos State without first reporting to Lagos State Police command making their intentions known before going for the intended operation.

Likewise in a state police cannot make an arrest in a town without reporting to the closest police station formally.

These are protocols which have been laid down. It’s either Kenya government is denying because of the shameful act or are not aware of the act.

So these will be interpreted in the court between the Nigerian government, Kenya government and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Legal team.

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