No Covid-19 In Nigeria, But Money Making Ideas – Pastor Giwa


The Nigerian cleric, Pastor Adewale Giwa on Friday said China deliberately allowed self to be used to manufacture coronavirus pandemic.

The cleric, however maintained that there was nothing like coronavirus in Nigeria again.

A statement he personally signed and forwarded to News Desk, Giwa said COVID-19 in Nigeria was money making ideas.

He said,”China surrendered self to be used to cause confusion in the world by a few selfish billionaires who manufactured the disease.

“Only a fool would rely on NCDC and WHO theories. All these people are working to archive the same goal.

“Ofcourse, there are people who can still reason like human beings, a case study of Kogi state governor who refused to be pushed over.

“My position has not changed, there is no coronavirus in Nigeria anymore. What we have here is a ruse.

“Can’t you see how God is exposing them on the daily basis with their frivolous figures? In Kogi State, they tried to persuade the governor to agree with them but to no avail.

“NCDC, WHO cannot be trusted. Anybody who kills his fellow human being because of money and greed shall be judged by his deeds.

“China was being used as an instrument of destruction just the way Judas Iscariot was fooled to hand over Jesus Christ to the Jewish authorities.

“God has exposed and destroyed their evil plans; I said it that they could only achieve what they wanted to achieve if God allows them.

“The church of God is one, and nobody can dare stop it. Don’t be fooled by different names the church bear today.

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“In heaven, there is no Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, there is no Redeemed Christian Church of God, no Christ Embassy among others.

“God has different things for different people to do. God made each of us unique with a special ministry and responsibility. 

“Each of us in our own right has a purpose and design for what God has called us to do. There are many distinct groups in Heaven, all unique in their responsibility before God.

“When we get to Heaven, we are going to praise God in every conceivable way.”