NUTRITION The Only Way To Good Health By Ebi Pere


I will be talking or rather writing on nutrition. Before going into the topic in depth, let’s see the meaning of nutrition.

Nutrition is a process by which an organism assimilates food for the purpose of growth and maintenance.

Well let’s get ready to dive in because we’re breaking a whole lot of tables tonight.
Most at times, we eat just because we feel like it and we eat anything we get our hands on in the name of ‘all join’. We should be really mindful of what we eat because the effects may not be obvious now, but will affect us later in life.

Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s diet. There are three areas of malnutrition I would like to talk about. Undernutrition, Micro-related malnutrition and Over nutrition.

Undernutrition is when we don’t take in enough of the needed nutrients.

Micro-related malnutrition are inadequacies in the intake of vitamins and minerals i.e not taking in enough vitamins and minerals which could lead to several deficiency diseases such as rickets and so on.

Over nutrition results from an imbalance between the energy consumed(too much) and the one expended (too little). Globally, people tend to consume foods more energy-dense (high in fat and sugar) and engage in too little or less physical activities. In this case, it heart.

The effects of malnutrition in form are numerous. In the case of under nutrition, it could lead to stunting, wasting etc.

In the case of micro-related malnutrition, it could lead to scurvy, night blindness, rickets, beriberi, sterility etc

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In the case of overnutrition, it could lead to several diet related non-communicable diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, diabetes and so much more.

How then can we avoid such terrible effects;
By eating less sugar, you know you won’t die if you don’t use ‘orobor’ to ‘step down’.

By taking more fruits and veggies.Try new fun recipes, watermelon is not tasteless, cucumber is not bitter just so you know.

By taking more water. You that cannot take any meal without accompanying it with ‘orobor’ or big fanta come back here I’m talking to you, water is life as they say it does wonders for your skin and your organs. Ever heard of water therapy? Try it and thank me later people will ask about your glowing skin and the secret.

Exercise yes exercise I know we hardly do it here but it’s something we have to learn. You don’t need to break the bank to exercise, neither must you always be at the gym. A simple walk for about 10 to 15 mins everyday isn’t much, is it? But trust me, it does wonders, not just burn fat, it also helps in the circulation of blood.

Reduce fast foods!!!!
Yes, is not everyday you’ll eat noodles… Indomie generation😂😂. And it’s not everytime you eat out. Cook, home made is the best always, it’s cheaper, better and healthier. Learn varieties, spice up your cooking, it’s not everytime eba eba eba try something new… Learn new recipes.. Continental or intercontinental etc.

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These are just but a few things we could do to improve our eating habits…
In conclusion, have this in mind, you are what you eat.
Thanks for reading.
Written by Ebi Pere a nutritionist.